December 29, 2004

Urgent!!!! Important Request for Donations By Tomorrow!

ALERT: Donations that could have huge impact on Jan 6th if made by Dec 30th

If we can raise at least $9,000 in the next couple of days, the following can
happen, which in turn, will vastly improve conditions for challenging the vote
on January 6th and, whether ultimately successful or not, at least lay the
groundwork (public awarenesswise, and legally) to clean up our elections
by the 2006 election:

1) $10,000 to enable the legal team in Ohio to do urgent discovery actions
that they feel will unearth even more shocking evidence that the election was
stolen, which in turn will give major media the fodder they need to make this
front page news in the days leading up to Jan 6th.

2) $4,000 to hire the best PR people at Fenton Communications to get top
and TV talk shows hosts and leading print press political reporters to report
on these discoveries, as well as the many others they have still ignored, not
only in Ohio but also New Mexico (critical to the movement to make the case
computer fraud)

3) $3,000 to hire organizers these remaining days in Ohio to create the
necessary pressure to get Ohio reps to come on board and stand up on Jan 6th.
Just yesterday we heard Rep Stephanie Tubbs Jones has agreed, But we need
which in turn will make it much easier for Boxer and other Senators to join

This totals $18,000, twice the $9,000 we are hoping you will provide, which a
wealthy matching donor is willing to match if and only the match is made in
next couple of days, in time to do all of the above.

You can donate by credit card to this url (tax deductible) (paste it into your browser)

or at But since the paypal service can hold the money as
much as 30 days, please also email to (who has
to do this fundraising) how much you are donating, and to expedite the
availability fo the funds, mail your donation in by check to FairElections,
975 Park Lane, Oakland. Ca. 94610.
Again, so that we can know within 2 days if we reached the $9k goal, please
email to let him know how much you sent in.

Thank you

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