December 29, 2004

"Assassins of Democracy, Votergate Continues" Exellent Article by Anthony Wade on Op Ed News

Excellent article by Anthony Wade on Op Ed News:

"Assassins of Democracy, Votergate 2004 Continues

By Anthony Wade

December 28, 2004

Democracy has been under attack for four years now. The first shot was fired four years ago by a partisan Supreme Court who thwarted the will of the people to anoint their man, George W. Bush, President. The memories faded during the first Bush administration as 9-11 took center stage and captured the attention of a nation. Four years passed however and nothing changed. The assassins came back, realizing nothing had been done to prevent another attack upon our democracy.

Realizing they needed to win two of the big three states in order for the Bush reign to continue, the GOP took aim at Florida and Ohio, where they had their operatives firmly entrenched. Amazingly, Florida went to Bush by a seemingly improbable margin, with the heavily democratic south Florida, adding 175,000 votes to the Bush tally to push the idea of a recount out of the mainstream. Ohio however, became a bit muddier than they had hoped. Never worry though; the state of Ohio was in the hands of this year’s Katherine Harris, Kenneth Blackwell. You remember Harris? She was the Secretary of State in Florida in 2000, and the state Chair of the Bush campaign, a ridiculous conflict of interest. Her reward for assassinating democracy on 2000? A trip to the Congress in 2002, proving that crime does not only pay, but it pays quite well. "

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