December 31, 2004

Evidence of Fraud and Disenfranchisement in Ohio: A Partial List



Evidence of Fraud and Disenfranchisement in Ohio, 2004

A partial list

This post is intended as a resource tool for those doing factual research on the Ohio election 2004, specifically relating to issues of (a) fraud, (b) disenfranchisment, (c) voter suppression,
(d) recount obstruction, and (e) vote machine tampering. It makes no pretense at comprehensiveness, but is merely an attempt to compile links which have been posted on this site which either (1) are themselves primary sources of evidence, or (2) summarize, analyze, or point to, such sources.

The links are listed in reverse chronological order of posting.

They are numbered in reverse numerical order; the first 2 digits of each link refer to the year of posting. (I.e. “0410" is the 10th post in 2004).

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0489-Collected readings on vote machine fraud

0488-Judge Moyer Rules that Evidence Can be Destroyed

0487-Moritz College of Law posts website devoted to Ohio 2004 election litigation documents.

0486-More Irregularities Uncovered by Recount in Fairfield, Champaign, Van Wert, and Ashland Counties! Triad accessed computer remotely prior to recount!

0485-More evidence of Ohio election fraud unearthed in Trumbull, Franklin, Madison, and Miami counties. Blackwell refuses to testify.

0484-Exit poll data suppressed by media

0483-Uncounted Summit County Votes

0482-Uncounted Hamilton County votes

0481-Refusal to count provisional ballots in Cuyahoga

0480-Uncounted Cuyahoga County votes analyzed

0479-Cuyahoga County uncounted votes analyzed

0478-Summary of specific allegations in election contest

0477-Miami County results fraudulent says Phillips

0476-Lucas County irregularities tied to burglary

0475-Mahoning County "Irregularities" Detailed at Hearing

0474-Testimony from December 13th Columbus Hearing

0473-Transcript of November 15th Hearing at Franklin County Courthouse

0472-Videotaped interview of Triad technician tampering with machines in 6 counties

0471-Videotape of Suppression of Voters in African-American communities

0470-Lucas County Recount Report

0469-Triad enabled itself to reprogam computers by remote dial-up

0468-Report by Recount Observer on various irregularities

0467-Green Party summary of select voting and recount problems

0466-Fairfield County officials impede recount

0465-Licking County officials refuse to let observers view voting machines

0464-President of Triad permitted to participate in Montgomery County recount

0463-Witnesses relate details of Blackwell-ordered Greene County lockout

0462-Medina County recount irregularities

0461-Cuyahoga County recount irregularities

0460-Expert analysis of electronic computer fraud in Mahoning County

0459-Triad technician permitted to disassemble machine morning of recount

0458-Green Party report of obstruction by election officials

0457-Green Party report of obstruction by Blackwell

0456-Cuyahoga County recount obstructed by officials

0455-Collection of incriminating facts about 2004 election, some relating to Ohio

0454-Cuyahoga officials refuse recount permission to audit rejected provisional ballots

0453-Lucas County Democratic Party Offices Burglarized, Computers Stolen

0452-Audio of December 13th Columbus hearing

0451-Ohio activist run off the road

0450-Counties refuse to comply with Kerry requests

0449-Blackwell refuses to cooperate with House Judiciary Democrats investigation

0448-Recap of testimony from December 13th Columbus hearing

0447-Cobb reports Triad technician tampered with machine

0446-Computer programmer Curtis testifies Republicans hired him
to create vote rigging software

0445-Transcript of December 8th hearing

0444-More absentee votes than absentee voters in Trumbull County

0443-Expert witness opinion affidavit of Richard Hayes Phillips

0442-Breach of security with Greene County voting records

0441-Idle voting machines not used in inner city precincts

0440-Cleveland votes thrown out because voters followed instructions

0439-Record of December 8th Washington, DC, hearing

0438-Blackwell locks out recount observers

0437-Detailed report on Cuyahoga County election irregularities"

0436-Radio interview with Computer programmer Clinton Curtis

0435-C Span Video of December 8th hearing

0434-Article summarizing some evidence of fraud

0433-PFAW Report on 2004 Election

0432-Affidavit of Clinton Curtis

0431-Video and audio tapes of November 13th
and 15th Columbus hearings.

0430-Blackwell delays certification by 5 days

0429-Evidence of fraud in Cuyahoga County

0428-Cuyahoga seeks to discard provisional ballots

0427-Blackwell delays counting of provisional ballots

0426-Analysis by Alan Waldman

0425-November 25th summary of fraud evidence

0424-Transcripts of voter testimony, and analysis

0423-Systematic withholding of voting machines
in predominantly Democratic precincts in Cleveland and Columbus

0422-Court permits further delay of recount

0421-Voting machines withheld in Franklin County

0420-Baltimore Chronicle article on exit poll discrepancies

0419-Warren County lockdown premeditated

0418-Free Press Article: How Election Rigged

0417-Audio and video tape of hearings

0416-Chart of Ohio election fraud

0415-Evidence of fraud listed by Rockwell

0414-Article summarizing testimony

0413-First hand reports by election protection volunteers

0412-Pacifica tape of November 13th hearing

0411-MSNBC: Ohio has paper trail

0410-Deliberate imbalance in voting machines

0409-List of irregularities compiled by Columbus group

0408-Articles about exit poll discrepancies

0407-Blackwell refuses to count provisional ballots

0406-My report from Columbus

0405-Pacifica audio of December 13th hearing

0404-Election Day 2004 videotapes

0403-Neighborhood Network audio and video tapes

0402-PFAW 866-OURVOTE Ohio incident reports

0401-Video tapes of November 13th & 15th hearings

Numerous other web sites and blogs provide additional valuable primary sources. Many are listed in the left hand column under "Important Links". Two which I have found especially helpful are
Election 2004 ( and

MiaMedia Votergate Resource Center (

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