December 29, 2004

Ideas For Those Who Can Make Financial Contributions

Ideas for those who can make financial contributions:

Attorney, Cliff Arnebeck, Esq.
Cliff Arnebeck
Arnebeck Law Office
1351 King Avenue 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43212
(indicate it is for Ohio election Litigation Fund)
( to wire funds ):
Ohio Election Litigation Fund
National City Bank, Columbus
Routing #: 041 000 124
Account #: 982307158 ( email your notice of contribution )

Bob Fritrakis, Free Press

"CICJ Election Protection" ( this option is for Court Litigation ) It is Option #2 on the page. It is a 501(c)(3) Organization
Can donate online, or via mail

Fair Elections :

Home page:

Donations Page:

Contact Info Page:

The contact info page has phone numbers, and mailing addresses...etc.
Gary Krane is the contact person for this Organization; he is raising funds for the Ohio contest of the election litigation.
General Email:

( There may be information updates soon on their site )

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