December 28, 2004

5 Talking Points Suggested by, from Eugene, Oregon

The following is a letter sent by to an aide to Senator Wyden, which they submit as an idea of a few major talking points to approach in contacting congresspeople and senators during the next 7 days:



Thank you for returning my call today. The most important stories are being ignored by the mainstream media and the silence is, frankly, deafening. A good place to start is and also our home page links (left margin) at

We feel that Senator Wyden and staff should at least be aware of the following before the January 6th session:

1. Exit polls in the U.S. showed Kerry winning the election-- we in the U.S. have just as much reason to contest the Nov 2nd election as the Ukranians had to contest their election. See and

2. The chance that the exit polls randomly diverging from reported results in PA, FL and OH is only 1 in 250 million (see Dr. Freeman article in left margin of under "Exit Poll Research"). The actual causes, which are almost certainly non-random, are most likely vote fraud and/or election rigging-- an immediate investigation is definitely warranted. One of Oregon's own scholars, Richard Hayes Phillips offers his analysis/testimony at :

3. Triad systems appears to have rigged the Ohio recount with "cheat sheets".

"The Triad Systems representative suggested that since the hand count had to match the machine count exactly, and since it would be hard to memorize the several numbers which would be needed to get the count to come out exactly right, that they should post this series of numbers on the wall where they would not be noticed by observers. He suggested making them look like employee information or something similar. The people doing the hand count could then just report these numbers no matter what the actual count of the ballots revealed. This would then "match" the tabulator report for this precinct exactly. The numbers were apparently the final certified counts for the selected precinct. "

4. The widespread suppression of the black vote in Cleveland and other predominantly black areas in Ohio was criminal and should not be allowed to stand. It seems clear that the imbalanced misallocation of voting machines between Republican and Democratic precincts was designed to suppress black voting. This racist policy must be exposed and corrected immediately, not two years or four years or six years hence.

5. The affidavit of Clinton Curtis, a programmer in Florida, provides shocking indications that electronic vote machine rigging may have been going on since 2000. Congressman Feeney (Jeb Bush's running mate from the 90's) is implicated. This story deserves far, far more attention than it's been getting. From Feeney's hometown paper:

All of this and more suggests that there are overwhelming problems with the 2004 election and that it's not at all unreasonable to suppose that Kerry may have been the real winner, just as Al Gore was in the 2000 election. We do not wish to wait another 4 years to get another chance at a fair election. We request that the 2004 election be repaired or repeated immediately. We, in the U.S., deserve fair elections just as much as the people of the Ukraine.


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