December 29, 2004

Important Ohio Action Memo from Progressive Democrats of Illinois

I know you are getting millions of e-mails, sorry for another but I wanted to add some info and I wanted to encourage you to keep up the pressure on Congress, we only have 1 week to go!!!
There is an urgent need for some donations to the Ohio legal battles go to and click on the Donate word on the right column. There is also an urgent need for funds to get the suppressed voters to Wash, DC go to . Then there is a need for funds for the Jan 6th rally at . I hope everyone is seriously thinking about either the Jan 3rd Columbus, OH rally, 2pm, (indoors), go to for more info and/or the Jan 6th rally, 10am outside the Capitol Bldg. for the Challenge, go to ! If you want transportation info go to or if in Illinois e-mail me at

Senator Byrd got many visits today and I think he is 1 of the Senators who will come through for us. Please try to call him at the 1-800-839-5276 but if his office is closed then fax him at 1-202-228-0002, make sure you add why the major media is blocking this story! Byrd is an older guy, as we all know, he may still be deluded about the independence of the press in America. I can tell because his aide, Ms. Barth has asked for faxed copies of real news articles on the fraud from the major press, especially the NYT and the Wash Post. She does not want electronic copies, if you have any laying around please fax them to her at 304-343-7144 and then fax a letter to the other number above, try to keep it to 2 pages or less!!!

Many of the Senators offices are closed that is why we are going to local actions, they are having vigils outside Kerry's home every day in Mass, we are going to Obama's going away party tomorrow night here in Chicago to give him a message and pass out flyers!
So the phone calls are probably not going to get through to the Senators until Jan 3rd. So I am asking everyone to start faxing the Senators and then on Jan 3rd you can go back to calling, 1-800-839-5276!

Please make the letters short, just tell them that you no longer trust the integrity of our Democracy, you and 40 million other Americans, per Zogby, believe that this election was stolen in a widespread electronic coup! Ask them to sign the challenge so that we can start the process of real election reform in this country by having a national debate. Tell them that we will need a full House Judicial Committee investigation and then criminal investigations as warranted from there. Tell them that you are sick and tired of having elections where you can not trust the outcome, tell them PAPER BALLOTS counted at the precinct level are the absolute safest, no more giving our Democracy away to the corporations; ALL THE MACHINES CAN BE HACKED, DISTRIBUTED POORLY and MALFUNCTION as per the hundreds of thousands of reports of irregularities that have poured in since Nov 2nd! We do not have to prove all the fraud, we just have to tell them how we feel knowing that America is really a dictatorship, where a small group of individuals can steal the Presidency over and over! Write 1 letter and just change the heading for each Senator. Thank you for all of your work to Defend our Democracy!

Fax to:
ARK: Pryor-D 202-228-0908 / Blanche-D 202-228-1371
CA: Boxer-D 202-228-3972 / Feinstein-D 202-228-3954
CONN: Dodd-D 202-228-1683 / Lieberman-D 202-224-9750
DE: Carper-D 202-228-2190 / Biden-D 202-224-0139
FLA: Nelson-D 202-228-2183
HI: Akaka-D 202-224-2126 / Inouye-D 202-224-6747
IL: Durbin-D 202-228-0400 / Obama-D 202-228-1372 and 312-427-6401
IN: Bayh-D fax, 202-228-1377 / Lugar-R 202-228-0360
IOWA: Harkin-D 202-224-9369
LA: Landrieu-D 202-224-9735
MD: Mikulski-D 202-224-8858 / Sarbanes-D 202-224-1651
MAINE: Snowe-R 202-224-1946
MASS: Kerry-D 202-224-8525 / Kennedy-D 202-224-2417
MI: Stabenow-D 202-228-0325 / Levin-D 202-224-1388
MN: Dayton-D 202-228-2186
MT: Baucus-D 202-228-3790
NV: Reid-D 202-224-7327
ND Dorgan-D 202-224-1193 / Conrad-D 202-224-7776
NJ: Corzine-D 202-228-2197 / Lautenberg-D 202-228-4054
NM: Bingaman-D 202-224-2852
NY: Clinton-D 202-228-0282 / Schumer-D 202-228-1218
OH: Voinovich-R 202-228-1382 / DeWine-R 202-224-6519
OR: Wyden-D 202-228-2717
RI: Chafee-R 202-228-2853 / Reed-D 202-224-4680
SD: Johnson-D 202-228-5765
VT: Jeffords-I 202-228-0776 / Leahy-D 202-224-3476
WASH: Cantwell-D 202-228-0514 / Murray-D 202-224-0238
WVA: Rockefeller-D 202-224-7665 / Byrd-D 202-228-0002
WI: Feingold-D 202-224-2725 / Kohl-D 202-224-9787

In Solidarity for Democracy to Return to America,

Dr. Lora in Chicago

Progressive Democrats of Illinois

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