December 25, 2004

Listen to new Radio Advertisement of is airing a new radio advertisement attacking the Ohio election.

Click here to play:

The radio advertisement is currently airing on AM 1230 in the Columbus metropolitan area. It will be on the air multiple times throughout the day over the next week. This is the Air America station in Columbus, Ohio. If you wish to send feedback to, you can email it at

After listening to the radio advertisement, this was my "feedback":

Dear Recount

I enjoyed your radio ad. However, all it does is ask people to go to your web site. When one goes to your web site there are only 2 actions suggested: 1 is to contribute money to your organization; the other is to write to 5 congresspeople, 1 of whom is already working as hard as she can to challenge the Ohio electors.
Your web site says nothing about all of the other activities that are going on, including the January 3rd rally, the January 4th-January 6th March on Washington, the January 6th Defend Democracy Rally and Vigil in Washington DC, the meetings with senators and congresspeople going on from January 3rd through January 5th, distributing leaflets and flyers, and volunteering with and making financial contributions to the many organizations that are actually (a) litigating the validity of the election, (b) participating in a recount, (c) lobbying senators and congresspeople, and (d) staging the rallies and the march.

Best regards,

Sincerely yours,

Ray Beckerman

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