December 12, 2004

Recount Update

Hello Recount Supporters!

How are all you doing? Things are just zooming along here in Ohio. We had trainings all over the state today and - wow - people are so committed to ensuring that every vote is counted. It is amazing.

I wanted to clarify my update from yesterday -- the last ten words of a sentence were cut off. It was supposed to read:

We have dozens of trainings taking place this weekend, and we expect supporters from Oregon, California, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Kentucky, West Virginia to start flooding in to protest the Electors meeting on December 13th.

I apologize for the confusion.


We are now up to eight counties starting on Monday (and only six different start times, how nice):

Clinton County at 7:00 am
Lake County at 9:00 am
Medina County at 9:00 am
Ottowa Count at 9:30 am
Wood County at 9:30 am
Jefferson County at 10:00 am
Holmes County at 1:00 pm
Fayette County at 3:00 pm

I strongly urge those interested to check out the Ohio Revised Code, Provisions for Recounts, Section 3515:

Most folks seem to have a question about whether or not their will be a hand recount. Here's what the code says:

-->The board must randomly select whole precincts whose total equals at least 3% of the total vote and must manually count

-->If the tabulator count does not match the hand count, and after rechecking the manual count the results are still not equal, all ballots must be hand counted. If the results of the tabulator count and the hand counted ballots are equal, the remainder of the ballots may be processed through the tabulator. (that's regarding optical scan and punchcards)

So...the duration of the recount in each county all depends on whether ANY discrepancy is found.

I'll send another update tomorrow; it's almost 10:00 pm and I still have hours of work ahead of me.

There will be a rally at the State Capital on Sunday, 12 - 2pm. Come on by if you are in Columbus! It's not being organized by Cobb/LaMarche but I'll be there to talk about the recount.

Otherwise, maybe we'll see you on Monday! David Cobb will be here as well (and he's going to help witness the recount of the DRE machines in Franklin County on Tuesday).

Check out for more details about upcoming events and activities.

Your support is greatly appreciated. We are honored to stand up for you, the people, in this effort.

Lynne Serpe
Ohio Recount Manager
Vote Green for Peace, Democracy, Ecology and Justice

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